SheSavage Compact Disc


SheSavage Compact Disc


Own the physical copy of the first EP, SheSavage, from NATALITA. 
Featuring cover photography by Jamie Blank. 

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After becoming frustrated with LA’s patriarchal and processed music industry, I decided to create my own dance record; a carnal expression of rhythmic anthems that would reflect the feelings of suppression I felt as an artist. Like a caged beast, I felt as though I was going to burst, and thus, SheSavage was born. In an effort to get people to move their bodies, the EP was an opportunity to make something primal, unapologetic and universal. I often wondered, “if I could do everything in my head the way I wanted to”, what would that be? And for me, it was this EP. The untamed beast that healed me through dance…


released June 16, 2015

Written, recorded and produced by NATALITA and the ElemenoPea

Mixed and mastered in the garage I shared with Jessie Shapiro and Rob Shore (The ElemenoPea) 

Released June 16th, 2015
credits released June 16, 2015
Featuring Production from DeafHeff and Kevin Buccholz